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Getting your foundations right.

What the blog shows us is how quickly ideas and techniques may change. And that’s no surprise seeing as how the typical person in a large corporation stays in a job role for an average of only 3 years. That means a new job, different targets, a changing set of standards and unfamilar colleagues every 3 years.

So does that mean you are ‘starting over’ every 3 years. No. That’s the perception we wanted to change. As a training organisation working in this new world our methods had to shift. We needed to focus on the fundamentals instead. The core learning, the key behaviours of successful people, the cornerstones, the things that don’t change.

If we could deliver that then people would have a solid platform onto which different jobs could be laid.

So that’s what we did. Working in conjunction with HSBC we’re building ‘The Platform’ – our most comprehensive training package ever. It’s designed for leaders and their teams. It’s a training manifesto that contains only the most powerful advice and tools. No filler. If you follow the advice we’d expect to see a lift in performance of 20%.

Below is a video trailer for The Platform.