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You and I can only ‘live the vision’ if we know what that vision is.

If you are anything like me, you have a general vision of how you think life, work etc should turn out but you haven’t articulated it clearly to yourself.

Recently my mentor got me to write down my vision and the practical implications of achieving it. He suggested a four-layered approach.

1. 5-years from now. For most of us, 5 years is far enough away that we can dream bigger dreams. Let it be idealistic. Don’t start with saying ‘Ican’t do that’ but rather by saying ‘I would love to…..’  I included ideals about work, family, church, personal and friendship.

2. The next 2-3 years. We find it easier to see 2-3 years ahead. This layer allows us to think more realistically about how we achieve the 5 years vision. What are some of the things that you will need to accomplish in the next 2-3 years that will help take you closer to your 5-year ideal. So for example, if in 5 years time you wanted to be a rock star then the 2-3 year plan would be to have done x-number of gigs in x-number of places.

3. This years objectives. The third layer is then fine-tuning the 2-3 year plan into some SMART objectives. So if you want to be able to gig somewhere, you might start with 1. Learn how to play 6 chords by the end of May. 2. Learn how to sing in tune by the end of June. You may be slightly more advanced than that (I like to think I am), in which case you would have objectives such as 1. Write 5 songs in the next 5 months. 2. Contact 5 local gig venues and agree dates to play.

4. Break it down! The final layer is breaking down your objectives so that you are setting aside time in your diary to ensure you accomplish those objectives. So if you need to write 5 songs in 5 months you need to decide how much time you set aside for that. In my case, my objective for the year is to be able to play more than one song from memory. In order to achieve that I think I can realistically learn one song a week. This, I think, will only require me to practice the chosen song every evening for 10 minutes.

These 4 layers of vision have really helped me to think big and live that vision in a practical day-to-day manner. Hope you find them helpful too.


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