Part of living the vision is about letting other people know what that vision is. People follow those they are forced to or they follow those they believe in. Ideally you are looking for the latter kind of followers (I hope!).

In order to believe in you they need to know what your vision is. A team leader that keeps his amazing vision of the future to himself is going to find himself struggling uphill all on his own. But if you can articulate your vision regularly to your team then they start to see the bigger picture and the adventure.

Sticking with the Barcelona theme, Gaudi didn’t build each house he designed himself. He had to articulate his incredible vision to those who were going to be doing the building. Without his ability to articulate that vision, it is unlikely that Barcelona would be graced with such amazing works of art.

Hopefully the previous post will have helped you write down a vision, which will help you articulate it clear to your team or your family.