Hopefully you have written at sentence or two that summarises what you are passionate about.

The next step is to Plan your personal brand. You need to create a road-map which requires you to ask the obvious question: What is your destination i.e. what perception do you want people to have when they see your logo?

Then think about how you get there. Are there certain targets that you need to achieve? Who are the people you need along the way to help you get to where you want to be? What resources (such as knowledge and skills) will you need?

And finally, how will you know when you get to your destination in regards to your Personal Brand? What is going to the measure of your personal brand success? Will you do a questionnaire amongst business associates? Will it be that you have had x number of ‘best answers’ on LinkedIn? Will it be that you have had x number of referrals from LinkedIn?

So my encouragement is to set aside a good hour to plan how you develop your personal brand. It will be an hour very well spent.