The starting place when formulating your personal brand is to consider what drives you. Your passion.

If you don’t have passion, you’re going to struggle to have followers. People need to know why they are following you and that comes from making sure your passion is clear and evident.

There are few better (or worse) examples of passion creating gravity than Hitler. Watch archive footage and you will see the passion with which he spoke of the Fatherland and his vision for Germany. Sure it was seriously warped and I’m not suggesting you grow a short moustache and shout at the top of your voice at every team meeting. That would be the anti-gravity model!

You do, however, need to consider and write down what makes you passionate. This model can be applied to work and personal life situations.

– What gets you excited, passionate, angry?

– Where do you make the biggest difference in your organisation?

– What are some of the core beliefs that determine your actions?

– What are your personal, team and organisational aspirations?

This is the starting point to creating a strong personal brand. Once you have written some of those answers down, try and summarise in a sentence or two.