Hopefully you have made time to watch the Gravity Model video which is a helpful concept in regards to personal branding.

But why bother with ‘Personal Branding’?

Well, as I mentioned in an earlier post, your face is your logo and what people think when they see that face is your brand. So you have a brand, whether you know it or not. The concept of personal branding just helps to formalise what your logo represents. You can’t easily change your personal logo, but you sure can change your personal brand.

Very simply, Personal Branding/Gravity does for the individual what a strong brand does for large companies – helps to attract, retain and grow your team, business advocates and market share.

The Gravity Model helps you to

– Verbalise your passion clearly and succinctly

– Set and achieve your targets

– Attract the best people around you

– Be well-known and well-respected in your field of expertise and experience

With social communities, such as LinkedIn, the ability to broaden the influence of your expertise is global. It also means there is greater competition and therefore getting your brand right is ever-more important.

In the next posts we will look at how you gauge your current gravity.