Hot girls in tight pink t-shirts giving massages. Bright pink stand. BIG TV screen.  Unless you were there, I am sure you didn’t think “Must be the Learning Technologies Exhibition!” But it was and just in front of the stand that we shared with our good friends Roam Solutions

This was my first time to an LTE (or #LT11UK in the twittersphere) and it was very interesting indeed. Not least the girls in tight pink t-shirts.

What struck me was that there were a number of  people talking about mobile learning, but as one person I conversed with said “There are many talking about it but no-one has really deployed anything.” Of course, that was true until he came to our stand and saw our capabilities.

Now we’re not going to be able to compete with hot girls in pink t-shirts, but we did have some very excellent conversations on mobile learning and even have a few meetings already arranged for follow-up. The marketing hype is all good fun but good conversations based on your strong offering will do considerably more for your business than hot girls in tight pink t-shirts.


p.s.  I apologise sincerely that I didn’t take any pictures of the said girls.