As team leader your job isn’t just to get individuals to Accept that change is coming. You need to Help them to plan and prepare for that change.

People often have a vague (sometimes even a clear) idea of where they are headed. Change often throws them off course or even blocks a road they thought they were going to go down.

Your job in the Help stage is to remap with the individual. A mass e-mail on ‘change management’  is about as appropriate at this stage as a bicycle is to a drowning man.

Get people to talk about the map that they had planned out. Talk about what the future might look like. They might decide they want to go somewhere completely different. Talk about how they might get there and what tools they might need.

Make sure each individual has a clear plan of action.  This will make sure they feel confident, cared for and ready for the change ahead. And that’s where you want your team to be.