Time for a change?

It is the old cliché that the only thing constant is change. Sometimes we don’t mind change. My wife, for example, has to have a new hair style every month. Trying to implement change at work however is nothing but guarantee that there’s going to be a few bad hair days.

So if we can’t stop or avoid change we can either:

a. Delay change – if you are a team manager you can pretend that things will somehow get better if you just leave them as they are.  Of course, you can try and drive on a punctured tyre but it isn’t going to fix and inflate itself.

b. Manage change – accept change is coming, prepare yourself and your team for it and implement it. Done right you’re changing tyres like a Formula 1 pit-stop crew (although it might take a wee bit longer than 6 seconds).

Although change means you will have to get your hands dirty, in the next few posts, we’ll share a couple of models that will help you manage change effectively.