None of us are likely to ever see the Blackberry Empathy but it is an interesting concept.

In short, it uses a biometric ring to determine the mood of the owner of the Empathy. Their mood will change the colour of the phone screen, the colour of the owners social avatar and the colour of the messages that they send.

It will also show you the mood of all the people on your contacts list that also own the Empathy. So you can see what sort of mood your boss is in before you ask them for that pay rise or holiday. Handy. Although he can see what mood you are in half way through a meeting. Not so handy.

If you have ever used the Johari Window then what the Blackberry Empathy essentially does is increase the ‘Open’ or ‘Public’ square i.e. those things about us that are known to both us and others.

If you haven’t used the Johari Window, it is a great tool that helps teams to interact better and more effectively with each other, by encouraging appropriate disclosure and feedback. Done sensitively, disclosure can help build trust, solve issues and work more effectively as as team. Done sensitively. I’m not sure broadcasting ones mood via Blackberry would fall into the ‘sensitively’ or even ‘sensibly’ category!