Traditional sales heroes were those who could ‘sell ice to an Eskimo’. I think the rest of us refer to them as ‘rip-off merchants’.

In the learning & development context, there are a variety of methods of delivering learning such as e-learning courses, coaching, workshops, conferences, 1:1’s and so on.

What is important is recognising that no one method of delivery is inherently better than the other. What is true is that certain learning delivery methods will be more appropriate depending on the organisation, the individuals within the organisation and the type of learning that is required.

I was out on a couple of client visits with Neil on Friday and it was clear that trying to sell e-learning to one of our clients would be as appropriate as selling ice to an Eskimo.  We might have the best e-learning courses in the world, but the culture of the organisation and the kind of people who require the learning prevent e-learning from being a suitable solution to this particular client.

Knowing our client (those to whom we deliver the learning & development, not just those who sit in on the meetings), helps us to make sure we provide the most appropriate learning solution to them. In this case we will be running small workshops which teach basic theory but provide plenty of opportunity for skill drills. That’s what they need and what will provide the best ROI for them. We won’t even attempt to sell ice to Eskimo’s.