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Picture the scene:  summer is coming, it’s getting hot, you’re trapped in a little room with 5 others talking about goodness only knows what.  If you can relate to this image then you need help focusing your attention.

Check out Dumb Little Man’s blog today for some top tips on being attentive in meetings.

Ever since I first began to work with Marton House we have been developing tools and support for people looking for a new job. Many of the products we’ve developed over these last 8 years have been aimed towards helping and supporting companies with outplacement needs but now we have built upon that experience and created our first retail product.

Unemployment is currently at a high, and if you are unlucky enough to find yourself in this statistic you need to be prepared to come up against some tough competition from the many more people going for the same job as you.

Job Kit is an online tool designed to give you a head start in your job search campaign.  It focuses on helping you create a good CV, guides you through your job search, and demonstrates how to be excellent in an interview.

Find out more about Job Kit online by clicking here.  On this site you will find a wealth of information and also a demo version which takes you through part of the Interviewing section.

You can also buy a CD version of Job Kit on Amazon.

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