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Have a look at this 25 minute video if you can. Especially if you are struggling with these 3 questions:

1 – How do you get everyone in your team to contribute ideas? Why do some people hold back?

2 – How do you get people to really think like a customer and think about the customer experience?

3 – How can you find solutions to business problems more easily?


Reputation is everything in business. I can’t stress that enough. Your business may be changing. Your business may have outgrown its current circle of gravity.

You may not even have a business anymore.

I’ve just stumbled across a free manifesto by Chris Guillebeau, called 279 Days to Overnight Success. In it he details how he completely changed his business and became a pro-blogger.  Chris runs The Art of Nonconformity Blog which oddly enough he made successful in just 279 days.

Now you may not be interesting in becoming a pro-blogger, let’s face it if you know anything about blogging you’ll already realise it’s a difficult, nay nearly impossible arena to generate a living from but his manifesto shares some brilliant advice and thoughts around web marketing and traffic generation.

Get your copy here.

Steves clean whiteboard

Steve's clean whiteboard

Here is a photo and a blog post from a guy who I mentored a couple of years ago – Steve Keevil. I like his attitude to a problem that dogs us all. A to-do list that you don’t do!

Here is what he says:

For a long time the white board contained a lot of items that I failed to do.

Ideas that were had and never achieved.

And then I’d beat myself up over my lack of achievements and then procrastinate from actually doing something proactive to change this. It became a slippery slope.

So this year… the simple rule is, if it’s not on the board then I’m not working on it.

So I’ve done the same here at Martonhouse.

Today sees the launch of The Learning Journey’s very first podcast. We’re in our 3rd year of publishing this blog now and we thought it was about time you got to hear some of the voices behind the musings contained within this site.

So to kick it all off let’s have a chat about personal development and learning in general.  Click on the link below to hear us.

The Learning Channel – Personal Development

Do you remember the good old days when you got your paper delivered direct to your door?  Well things have finally come full circle, in a digital manner at least with the addition of email subscription to this blog.  Put simply this means that every time a new post gets written on this blog it gets delivered direct to your inbox.

You can subscribe by clicking on the link at the top of the sidebar or by clicking on this link:  Subscribe to The Learning Journey by Email

Email details are never past onto third parties, so don’t worry you won’t get spammed!

Well today is the day, all eyes are on London’s Docklands as 20 of the world’s leaders come together for a breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. Hopefully the nice food will spark off some inspiration and by the end of the day we will have an answer to the global economic crisis.

Yesterday the public felt they had the answer as a riot broke out in London’s financial district, more commonly known over here as “The City”, and crowds of angry people smashed their way into the RBS building in an attempt to take back what was rightly theirs – taxpayers money being used for bonuses.

So what is the answer? Is it to combine the might of 20 nations with a view to them supporting each other? Is independence for each and every country the only way to go? Should we be learning to stand on our own two feet again before helping others to stand up? Is it about leadership and who has the most power? The cavalcade of leaders cars coming to the G20 this morning would suggest this in part.

The fact is this G20 Summit is costing the UK around £19 million. The question I have is in a world of powerful communication technology where I don’t need to be in the same room as somebody to talk to them, let alone see them did we really need to bring all these world leaders together in the one place to make this happen? Does being in the same room instead of on a webcam or even, if you are feeling flush a satellite link make any difference to the outcome? Is the main benefit of all these leaders meeting up just a good show of face, a publicity stunt if you like?

Don’t get me wrong I’m not ranting against the G20, I’m just suggesting that there may be better, more economical ways to not only find an answer but also send a good message out to the public. After all if there was no central location for the G20, would there have been any riots?

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