Seth makes an interesting point here around unemployment and what you do with all that spare time.  We can’t avoid it, redundancies are happening and if you are unfortunate enough to be one of those people how do you become more than just another statistic?

Seth talks about freelancers with more time on their hands but what about people who were actually employed by somebody, what do they do?

The effect of being made redundant is harsh and  can be incredibly debilitating.  For years of your life someone or something has given you something to do for at least 7 hours of the day, now if you don’t motivate yourself nobody is going to find another job for you.

Is finding a job full time work in itself?  It can be, initially at least but then gaps start to appear in the day and you find yourself watching TV shows you wouldn’t normally know even existed.  This is wasted time, time we’ve never had before and time we don’t automatically know how to use so it is easy to unknowingly treat it as leisure time.

Seth suggests to the freelancers to increase their reputation and visibility.  As a former employee you may not even have a reputation outside of your own workplace so maybe it is time you began to build one.  What are you good at?  Think about both in and out of the workplace.  Think about anything and everything.  

For example maybe you were employed as an accountant and maybe you are an expert in a piece of accounting software such as Sage.  It’s time to promote this ability by helping others and offering support on the most popular forums.  Start a Sage for Dummies blog where you give simple plain advice every day.  Talk to your local newspaper about writing a tax column.  After as little as a year doing this your reputation and visibility will be so high you could probably start your own business and the best thing is your customer base will be already waiting – they are your fans, followers and readers with whom you have built the utmost confidence.

Alternatively maybe you have an interest outside of work that could turn a profit if you put your mind to it.  That star seller rating you earned by accident on eBay could give you a head start on becoming a reseller for a product or range of products or maybe your love of the kitchen could give you a good base for a culinary qualification or even starting your own bistro.  Believe it or not you don’t even need a store front to do such a thing, a local couple here in Bournemouth run a successful ding venture whereby people pay to be their dinner guests in their own home.

It is time to think on your feet.  Next time you find yourself sitting in the void find a way to fill it.  It could just turn things around.