Twitter has been around for a few years now and I have to admit it isn’t something I have really been bothered about.  Things might be about to change for me after I read this article over at TechCrunch.

You see Twitter is like your Facebook profile status comment gone mad.  Twitter users constantly tweet, they always have something to say about what is going on in their day.  This could be anything from how they are feeling right this very second to complaining or complimenting a service or product they just received.

Until today I hadn’t realised Twitter was searchable via its own search engine.  For your product marketers this could be gold dust as you can find out inside info on what your customers think of not just your products but also competitors products.  Your campaign can then be immediately tailored to suit.

It also give companies direct communication with people who actively complain when they receive a bad product or service but only complain indirectly.  It is an opportunity to rectify the wrongs.

The possibilities could be endless.  

You may even see a Marton House Twitter appearing here soon as it would give myself or the other people who write on this blog the chance to keep the readers updated when we aren’t able to write a full post.  Something which I for one feel bad about, particularly if we are away on a film shoot for more than a few days.