Yes it’s time again for one of those posts where I apologise profusely for the lack of new content here over recent weeks.  This time there is a twist though as I have photographic evidence to support our disappearance.

Three weeks back I was in Perth meeting people and filming interviews, although I have no photographic evidence to support that as we were filming using a green screen, a technique which allows us to put any background behind the interviewees.

More to the point 2 weeks back we had a project which required a lounge to be flooded.  As you can imagine this is a technically difficult thing to achieve and the only way to do it without actually damaging somebody’s home and contents is to build a set, which is exactly what we did.  

Then we flooded it.

Then we erected a green screen at the other end of the studio and created a call centre.

The final scene depicts a homeowner phoning an insurance call centre after a flood.

Here’s the evidence.  It was cold but fun.