The other day I was talking to an interviewee from one of our film shoots and the topic of the conversation was threefold;  Why do we worry about things? Where do answers for daily problems come from? And why can we sometimes not sleep at night because of our thoughts?

This got me thinking.  I’m a worrier, I churn things around in my head over and over again.  This can be things I  need to do, things I need to say, things that I may have said.  I don’t lose sleep over it but it’s a regular thought process for me.

These thoughts often make things seem a lot worse than they really are.

Talking to John made us both realise we are the same, not just John and I but quite possibly everybody.  Perhaps not to extremes but certainly to a varying level.  John ranks high in my list of wise people I have met, yet still he loses sleep at night because he stresses about sometimes the simplest of problems.

The biggest problem is we still look for answers when we already know them but deep down we don’t want to take action for whatever reason.

Of course there are many external factors to take into account when it comes to stress, but the bottom line is we often make ourselves feel a heck of a lot worse about it by delaying a course of action.

One possible remedy for this is to limit the amount of options you have for a solution to maybe 3 possible answers.  When you have 3 then think sensibly about what the outcome of each one could be.  Then dig a little deeper, you probably already know which answer is best.  At this point stop and take action.  Don’t wait for somebody to tell you what to do, after all nobody know you better than you know yourself.

I reckon more often that not you’ll produce the right answer without even trying too hard.

I’ll give it a try and if I fall over into a quivering wreck you’ll know why.

Remember, the answer often comes from within.