Last night I was forced into a quandary.  I’d had to confine myself to one room of the house as the rest of my house was being ventilated in order to get rid of the smell of petrol fumes (long story, don’t ask). Luckily the room I was allowed to spend my evening in just happened to be my study which houses my all-round entertainment/work station, my iMac.

So I was left with a choice, a choice which I didn’t figure out until 4 hours into my evening;  I could either try and recreate a lounging around in front of the TV scenario or I could use my time productively.

Initially I chose the former and spent a couple of hours being frustrated at broadcasters on demand/streaming services.  After that I spent a little more time just browsing the web, again very unproductively and again frustrating.  More importantly by this time boredom was setting in but it was at this point the thought struck me, what could I be learning right now?

The answer to this question was a new piece of software that I’d been meaning to get to grips with, which I then sat down with for an hour and thoroughly enjoyed my time.

So the moral of the story is this, sometimes the environment we find ourselves in doesn’t lend itself to what we want it to be.  If this is the case, don’t just sit around getting bored and frustrated, do something about it and try to use that time for the greater good.

As for me, the fumes will probably still exist in my house tonight so I will probably spend another evening (or maybe even two), in my new learning zone.