Just recently Seth Godin released his latest marketing book called Tribes. This time though marketing is actually a byproduct of what the book is truly about – leadership.

This fact remains however; How do you lead without followers? Even more vitally how do you create interest in something in the first place?

There’s a great quote in the free Triibes e-book, which came from a group which Seth began in order to prove a point really. The quote comes from Dr. Saleh AlShebil, speaking about an iPhone hackers group.

“Get a group of people from anywhere, driven by a passion for something, target a single goal, challenge them and let them do “magic.” “

Is it really that simple?  

Can you actually make yourself the single hub of a common interest for the many?

Does it have to be a non-product related spin?  

Absolutely not, just look at Apple and its loyal bunch of followers, they make nice simple shiny things and the followers spread the word and create more followers.

Does it have to be computer related?

Nope.  Just look at the success of the Mini over the years.  Originally a small, quirky car which created a large number of followers by being different and more importantly friendly.  Now with the new Mini it has a new owner, BMW but they have taken everything great about the ethos of the Mini and used it as a central part of the campaigns.  When you buy a Mini you even get a handbook on how to interact with and attract other Mini drivers.

Can a faked tribe become a real tribe?

Yes.  Kellogg’s have been running an advertising campaign for Crunchy Nut Cornflakes for years around a mythical group called the “Crunchy Nutters”.  Now there is a Facebook group dedicated to people who love Crunchy Nut Cornflakes.

If you want to see more evidence of this kind of thing in action check out the Triibes e-book.  It makes a fascinating insight into not only leadership and the following of leaders but also why groups or tribes suddenly appear.

Get it here.



Image from http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Image:Maasai_tribe.jpg