Ringo Starr has educated me today, sadly though not in a positive way as yesterday he posted a video on his website informing his fans in quite a rude and sometimes amusing way of his intent not to sign anything sent to him ever again.  The cut-off date for this being 20th October 2008.  You can see this video at the bottom of this post.

The big question is does Ringo Starr not need his fans and supporters anymore?

Now the skeptical among us may say that we hadn’t heard anything from Ringo for quite some time and this is some kind of adverse publicity stunt to drive traffic to his website/store.  This could be true and certainly his site has probably had more hits today than it has ever had, however a week on and the stats could be back to normal.

Maybe he’s just sick of it all but the mixed message he gives in the video seems to suggest otherwise; in one breath he’s refusing to sign anything and the next he’s offering peace and love.

So if it is indeed adverse publicity what will be the effects long term?  Lets think of this in business terms.

A business should have lots of loyal customers, that way it has a regular sustained income that carries on regardless of any peaks and troughs.  If one customer to take offense at something the impact on business can be dramatic as customers talk to each other.  If a whole load of customers take offense the impact can be catastrophic.  Gravity is increased momentarily as people are drawn towards you through morbid curiosity but your reputation is irreparably shattered.

Going back to Ringo what this means is that if he ever wants his fans to return he will need to do something to reinvigorate their interest.  As 25% of a 50% deceased band that’s a pretty tall order.