After visiting the old Portobello Market at the weekend and suffering the crowds of tourists I was feeling a little drained and tired when suddenly I heard some sweet sixties melodies getting closer and closer.  Then trundling up the road came this:


As it states on the side of the van he really was a singing handyman, multitasking too as he was singing into a microphone and driving at the same time.  Even better was the fact that he was in tune and sounded pretty good really.  If singing wasn’t enough his van also blew bubbles!

Talk about getting yourself noticed and increasing your reputation.  With so many other handymen/women out there how on earth do you get yourself noticed?  Is singing the answer?  Would you hire this guy just because he drive by and sung at you?  I would probably give him a go.

The point is he got me thinking, as a business what do we do differently to attract new customers? Currently we are struggling to get our heads around just this point exactly with Google Ads – the most popular keywords being “training and development”, which is exactly what we do.  If we wanted our ad to be visible though with that keyword it would cost us £3.20 a click which is far too much money.

Maybe we should rebrand ourselves as the only singing training and development company?

What does your business do differently that can really get you noticed?