With all the trouble at the moment around file sharing and Bittorrent in particular it’s rather refreshing to see somebody embracing the art of sharing.

Seth Godin has an event coming up where he will launch his new book.  During the event he will no doubt plug his new book but also knowing Seth there will be some top tips on marketeering and business in general.

Usually at an event like this the audience is forbidden to make recordings but in this instance Seth is encouraging it.  The more people who record it, the more people will see it and before the end of the day it could be live on thousands of blogs.  It’s a brilliant way of getting free publicity by giving something away for free, something that people will actually find useful.

His talk is in NYC at a venue that only holds a few hundred people by the looks of it, so if you go along there is a chance you may not get in.  Many people who would love to go along don’t live in or near NYC so they can’t get there to see it.  Many people who would love to go along (myself included), aren’t even based in the US so they have no chance of seeing it.

So why doesn’t he record it himself and put it on his own blog?  Simple; the power of word of mouth marketing.  If Seth directly tells somebody about his new book it is nowhere near as powerful and as viral as a personal recommendation from someone completely unconnected.

Maybe we’ll even post a feed here when it is available.

Find out more about the Tribes event here.