Following on from Edit Blindness something happened yesterday that hasn’t happened for a while – we went out for lunch!

We keep going on about it here on The Learning Journey and that is because it is a vital ingredient to the success of your day.  Sometimes though a working schedule, such as our recent busy time doesn’t allow for it and even though we still ate food at about the right time we were rarely moving from our desks to eat it and that went a good way towards edit blindness we suffered.

Getting out for lunch is incredibly liberating, whether it is with other people or by yourself.  Being by yourself allows for some thinking time, whilst being with other people can provide some much needed distraction from the stuff which is at the front of your mind for the other 7+ working hours of the day.

For people who work from home mainly by themselves a lunch out with other human beings can provide a form of escape and some necessary social skills which can be lost by working alone.

I actually did go out for lunch today but sadly ended up in the middle of a cloudburst.  It was entertaining to say the least.

Do you make time for lunch?  Did you get out today?  What did you eat?  How did it affect your afternoon?


image courtesy of Red Bubble and artist Mike Stimpson.  You can see more of Mike’s wonderful Lego art here.