As you may have guessed from the slightly more sporadic postings appearing on the blog we’ve been very busy working to deadlines here.

Being busy though doesn’t mean our brains aren’t quietly collating more data for future posts though.

All 3 of the film guys here at Marton House have been working alone in darkened video edit suites for too long and it was only a matter of time before one of us snapped.  This time it was Tim, whom we discovered the other day wandering the corridors, swilkering coffee around and muttering something about not being able to “see” the project anymore.

This was a problem he termed “edit blindness”, you may know it better as not being able to see the wood for the trees.  Either way it is a point in time when you have been looking at something for too long and suddenly none of it makes sense and you can see no way to proceed.

At this point you start making serious errors and the best thing you can do for the project and more importantly yourself is to step away.  Take a break, have a look at something completely different for a while.  Come back to it later, or maybe even the next day if the project can afford it with a fresh perspective on things.

Tim is now stable again thankfully, for the time being at least.