Sony has recently announced its plan to offer elearning tools for the PSP and e-learning software developer Atlantic Link has developed the software to allow courses to be designed specifically for the Sony PSP Slim and Lite.  Traditionally courses on the PSP has been designed on a big screen and shrunk to fit the PSP screen – and it doesn’t always translate that well.  This new software however allows you to author e-learning at the native screen size of a PSP.


Sounds okay but I was wondering however what you can achieve on such a small screen and how easy it is to actually do e-learning in miniature.  Now I’m probably a bit more gadget-shy than some so using my ipod or mobile phone to watch video or use the internet doesn’t really appeal to me because i’d rather see it on a bigger screen for fuller effect.  However as Atlantic Link has put up a sample of PSP e-learning I thought I’d check it out:


OK so now I’m really convinced that I couldn’t do e-learning in miniature – is it just me or is some of this just far too small to be of any significant use.  You decide if you’re game.  Maybe I just need some glasses…….


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