This may be the most important blog post that I’ve written so far. The reason is – it is about our work and how we can make it much more effective.

We are lucky in a certain regard. We don’t directly charge our audience. If we have a workshop or rollout a piece of e-learning we don’t also have to convince people to pay £10 to do it. But our audience does have to pay. Every one of them. They have to pay with their attention. The more attention they give the more they will retain, the more they will remember, the more successful the training will have been.

So getting and keeping people’s attention = successful training.

We all know that or accept that. We maybe call it the delegate experience. We ask questions like ‘what will the delegate experience be like’ or ‘what will this feel like to work through?’ We want to get it right. And yet our planning for a piece of learning looks like this…

My content chart

It’s all about the content. And I count myself in this way of working. This chart outlines the latest Platform module. But is this enough?

How would this chart showing the content highlight when we should intrigue people, when they should be drawn in, when they should feel demands are being made of them, when they should feel supported?

The emotional track is missing. This, to me, seems like we have an opportunity to do more in this area.


That is the subject of tomorrow’s post.