1950's TV advert go to work on an egg

It’s a well known fact that commercial broadcasters the world over are struggling the reap the rewards they once did from advertisers, in fact these days the profit margin is getting very narrow indeed.

That’s why many broadcasters are trying new techniques like themed ad slots and dedicated single product commercial breaks.  UK broadcast Channel 4 have gone one step further however, for tonight at 8:10pm they have teamed up with Honda to run their first ever live commercial.

It features sky divers jumping out of an aircraft attempting to form the word Honda in under 3 minutes 20 seconds.  If they compete the task it will be exciting for the viewers, if they don’t complete the task it will also be exciting for the viewers.  If the viewers tune in, which they are being encouraged to do it will be a win-win.

Channel 4 are making big claims though about it being the first live TV adverts, whereas the slightly more skeptical of us may be thinking back to the days of the 1950’s TV studio ads where all TV was live and the only way to advertise a product was to feature it in the studio with the presenter.

No one has ever tried to perform such a stunt as skydiving live in an advert though, so hats off to them for that one.

Are you going to be watching tonight?  

or if we’ve gone forwards in time…

Did you watch it?  Did you tune in specially?