Remember these?



The humble filofax was the ultimate status symbol of the 80’s.  If you had one you were either regarded as a top business person by some or as a dreaded yuppie by others. 

Filofax’s are still around just nowhere near as popular as they once were.  Maybe it’s that in this technologically wonderful age it has been replaced by things like mobile phones, Blackberries, iPhones, iPods etc.  The great thing is all of those things are smaller but they all do roughly the same thing as a Filofax – they store data.  Dates, times, appointments, meetings, notes, memos and most importantly ideas. Heck you can even scribble on most of them with a fake pen or a finger.

Have we all lost the ability to store those great ideas that sneak up on us?  If we don’t write them down somehow we’ll forget them.

How do you know if an idea is worth storing?  The answer is you don’t but the trick is if the thought is interesting, jot it down.  You may come back to it later and think it’s a load of old rubbish but it’s only relative to your current state of mind and who knows tomorrow it may be a real gem!