I’m getting all spiritual today… no not really but I would like to recommend taking stock of things once in while and getting out of that tired old body that you live in.  Looking through our own eyes we are limited to only half of the view, 180 degrees if you like.

This afternoon I witnessed a conversation between 2 people here in the office.  It was a bit like a game of ping pong with neither person sending the ball home or holding onto the ball in the first place.  

cameraman beach

As an observer did I have a solution to what was being talked about?  No, not this time but looking at it from a 3rd perspective did at least give me a view of the overall picture and an outsiders perception to reflect back after the conversation was over.

With computer games it was all the rage a little while ago to develop them from a first person perspective for 2 reasons; for the gamer to get inside the head of the character and because the computer/console wasn’t powerful enough to render you character as well as the background.  Now computers are more powerful many games have adopted the 3rd person over the shoulder view, which gives the player the benefit of seeing things coming up behind them too.

More often than not we should start looking at things from another angle, another perspective, another persons view, the view of the audience, the view of the user, the customers view, etc. etc.

As a film maker I often do it for my job as I can visualize shots from a different angle, but I need to start doing more as an everyday activity.