Back of PC

The image you see above caused us a major headache yesterday.  In an emergency situation a colleague (Ilias), here had taken the photo on his phone to send to technical support at Dell and then discovered he had no way of getting the picture off his phone and onto his computer to send via email.  Yes he has bluetooth, yes he has infra red, yes he could hook it up via a cable but none of these things were available on his PC.

So he came to me as he knew I had a Windows Mobile based phone.  Via Bluetooth he sent the picture to me, pretty easy really.  I then had the picture on my phone.  My computers at work and at home are Macs. They have Bluetooth.  Sadly even though you can see the phone you need a special bit of software to be able to connect a Windows based phone to a Mac.

Head and brick wall come together once again in a not too happy union.

Then Ilias saw that my phone has a USB connection and came up with the idea of connecting it via USB to his PC.  Windows talking to Windows – we were on to a winner!  Windows Vista saw the phone, installed the drivers but failed to allow us to browse the device for the photo.

Whilst sat there Ilias came up with an idea which would cut out the middle man and suggested we try connecting his, much more Mac friendly phone to my Mac.  Brilliant!  The Mac saw the phone, the phone saw the Mac and they shook hands in a very civilized manner.  However try as he might he still couldn’t send the picture over.

Then I remembered my Windows phone had wifi, which meant I could connect to the office wireless network and send Ilias and email with the picture attached.  Sadly even though the phone could see the network it wouldn’t connect to it.

After a bit more head scratching we came up with the following ridiculous solution:


  • Connect my phone via wifi to a network belonging to another office in the building
  • Open up my internet browser and go to Google Mail
  • Send an email with the photo attached, via Google.
  • Wait seconds for said email to travel to a server in the US and back to our own mail server here in the UK.
  • Send email to Dell with problem photo finally attached.
The moral of the story?  Why give something directly to the person next to you when you can send it on a trip half way around the world first.