straight storyRecently we made a film about personal brand as part of The Platform.  In part of it we visited a business breakfast meeting where each delegate had 1 minute exactly to pitch themselves to the other business representatives in the room.

Some of these people were old hands and had practiced their pitch many times.  Others were new to the situation and hadn’t prepared at all.  

The great thing was it raised the question to us, can you pitch yourself or your company in one minute? Many people can’t it seems, when really it should be something that rolls off the tongue.

In The Gravity module within The Platform we created a whole new exercise based around this thought called The Elevator Pitch.  Imagine the scene; You’re riding an elevator when it stops, the doors open and Richard Branson steps in.  After a moment he asks who you are and what your business is.  This is your golden opportunity, your one chance to impress but the question is do you know exactly what you want to say?

Seth Godin also recently asked the question, what comes first the story or the work?

Have you got your story straight?