Today Binsey sends us a message from the other side and gives us a few tips on how to deal better with your first week in a new role.Some things I have learnt in the last week:  

  • Commuting – listening to Classic FM is a great way of clearing your mind on the way to or from work. If you have a tendency to go into auto-pilot; choose to do so when you are behind a car that is potentially going to the same place you are. Shell trucks are deceiving; they give the impression of going the same way as you (i.e. big truck, narrow road); but they tend to make deliveries at Shell stations if they happen to be passing them. It can be very disorientating to suddenly find yourself in a petrol forecourt.
  • Appearance part 1 – by all means aim to look good and check the dress code for your first day. Wear a coffee coloured outfit just in case the lids in your new organisation don’t fit properly. This makes you much less self conscious when attending a trade review attended by 40 directors and heads of, wearing the majority of a skinny latte.
  • Appearance part 2 – personal grooming is also recommended if you want to look your best. However, beware of battery operated eyebrow shapers; especially of you decide to experiment without using a mirror. They are great for trimming excess hair, but if not carefully controlled can leave you with a chav-like bald stripe.
  • Communication – a really good idea is to carefully check your external email addresses carefully before you send any “hi babe, missing you” type emails to your beloved. I cannot stress too strongly – if you get a response saying the email has probably come through to the wrong person as they don’t know you – CHECK THE EMAIL ADDRESS AGAIN. Do not, under any circumstance reply, calling your beloved “a numpty”. There is a very high probability that you are actually writing to someone with the same name in your new organisation… and they are actually the Head of Design.