Death of a SalesmanFor the next Platform module we are covering ‘Selling’. And this post is a musing, a riff, on what that means. Who are these sales people? They have long been ‘on the way out’ and ‘dinosaurs’ and always knocking on their final door. Mail order, TV shopping, the internet – they were all supposed to knock the final nail into their coffin, slam the final door on their foot. But instead the opposite has been true. As the corporations become more faceless and seem to serve only the shareholders, as we become increasingly frustrated at having to push 1, then * and then get cut off anyway, as we find our emails unanswered – the salesman is actually the guy on the frontline. The last human point of contact. We need the salesman, even if it is someone to quiz, to barter with and maybe even to complain to. Maybe its time to re-evaluate what we mean by selling and our image of the sales person.