You Suck at Photoshop

It’s been a while since our last post here on the Learning Journey (mainly due to a very busy post Christmas schedule), so I come to you today with a doozy.

We like to inject fun into our training products here at Marton House as we find not only can humour hold the viewers attention better but it can also help people to learn. The general rule of thumb is if someone is entertained their brain is more open to retaining information – in other words it doesn’t shut down 3 minutes into the programme when most people’s attention span is starting to drift.

At the weekend I came across the following video after searching for Photoshop tutorials. The reason it leapt out at me is the fact that the video is simple screen-based training that you can actually learn from whilst having a storyline.

The question is really whether it’s a short film pretending to be a training video or if it’s a training video with a new style. You decide.

Click here to watch episode one.

You can see more in the series down the left hand side of the linked page, there are 4 in total. I recommend you do as they get much funnier.