The time of year again when we think about our New Year Resolutions… or consciously decide not to declare any in case we fail. The reason most of us want to change apsects of our life is to reduce stressors; then end up feeling more stressed because we fail these personal goals.

Here are some tips to help you focus on your personal goals this year:

  • Be realistic; stick to a couple of goals that are acheivable and will make you feel great WHEN you achieve them
  • Identify the personal trigger points for each goal that will hinder success; what went wrong last time you tried to do this?
  • If you need help to achieve your goal then ask for it straight away
  • Write down the benefits of your resolution and refer to them anytime resolve is low
  • Diarise key milestones and when you get to each milestone note down progress made
  • A year-long study of 3,000 people found men should set specific goals (e.g. weight loss of 1lb per week) and women should tell the world about their resolution if they are to succeed
  • If you can keep going for 6 weeks you have the makings of a habit – put the date on your calendar!

Here’s to some new habits in February!!