Santa Hat Cat

It’s that time of year again. Comes round fast doesn’t it? The big question is are you prepared? I’m not talking about the last minute panic that sets in when you realise on Christmas eve you’ve forgotten to buy little Johnny that Transformer he wanted and all you can get him is something that converts AC to DC. No I’m talking about getting your business prepared for what is potentially the biggest excuse for a marketing campaign all year.Today we’re taking about the benefits of sending a Christmas card.

Here are my top tips for getting the most out of a Christmas card for your business.

  • Send a sensible, high quality Christmas card. A Christmas card is the perfect excuse for getting back in touch with not only your regular clients but also some people you haven’t been in touch with for a while. Why sensible? Well a card should really reflect your business, if your company isn’t in the joke marketplace probably a card with a line of naked Santas isn’t the perfect representation. Why high quality? Again a card that feels cheap and flimsy isn’t exactly how you want your clients to be reminded of you.
  • Send cards not just to clients but also to suppliers, not only to thank them for their support but also to remind them of your custom.
  • Make cards personal. A greeting card should be addressed to your contact in the business and also should be signed by yourself and any team members that have direct contact.
  • Follow up sent cards with a phone call – before Christmas! It’s another good excuse to get in touch and wish your clients well. Find out what opportunities could be around in the new year, and also set up a meeting/follow up call for early January.
  • Not everybody celebrates Christmas. It’s unlikely that anyone will be offended by the nice gesture of a card but it is worth giving it some thought before sending out cards en-mass. It doesn’t even have to be a Christmas card you send, a more generic “holidays” card could be more appropriate.
  • Finally send cards early to avoid the postal rush and to give you a chance to make those calls.

Does your business send Christmas cards? Do you find they work for you? Can you even make the time for such things at this busy time of year?