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No, we’re not talking about a heated stand off in the office…… we’re talking about the real thing… or as near as you can get anyway!!

A short while ago we visited the World of Learning Exhibition & Conference to check out the competition, to network,  and generally to see what people wanted to shout about.

One stand in particular stood out for us as it was totally unique and literally eyecatching…. with Mike (co founder, Director & historian – left above) striding purposefully along the perimeter of his territory. My colleague and I also had the pleasure of dining with Robbie, the Sales Director (right above) – who regaled us with stories of the chief players in the battles of Waterloo & Somme…. really bringing people such as Baron Von Muffling and the decisions they had to make to life.

Corporate Battlefields is founded on the belief that the abitilites required on a real-life battlefield can inspire and enlighten the skills needed for the battleground of business.

What do you want to achieve? How well-defined is your plan? Are people empowered? Would you disobey a direct order?

 You can find out more about Corporate Battlefields and the team here.