Buster KeatonHere’s your thought for today. It’s short and sweet so brace yourselves.

When you’ve got a point to make in a meeting how do you follow it up? Maybe you shouldn’t follow it up at all.

Make your point and try letting it sit for a while, creating a silent void. What happens with a void? Something will always come along to fill it.

Silence is a very powerful tool, try using it once in a while.

Silence can also be uncomfortable so don’t push it too far!

Let’s take Buster Keaton as an example of taking it to the extreme. Buster Keaton used silence for years, mainly because he didn’t have a choice as sound recording with film wasn’t around at the time but his films are still fondly remembered and widely regarded as pioneering and influential for many people. The story always comes across.

A picture does indeed say a thousand words.

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