Justin KingLast week I was fortunate enough to hear a very interesting speech from Justin King, CEO of Sainsbury’s just after he had collected his honorary degree from Bournemouth University. The university honored him by highlighting his incredibly successful career – Director of Food at Marks and Spencer, and a high ranking senior in Pepsi, Mars and Asda. He is also the person who brought Haagen Dazs ice cream to the UK. Now he is known as the man who is turning around the fortunes of supermarket Sainsbury’s.

So for someone with such a successful career track what advice could he give to the graduating masses? Surprisingly he claimed that he has never had a career plan, but he  did offer these points of advice for anyone wanting to get ahead in their chosen career:

  • Do the best job you can.
  • Grab opportunity as it comes along.

Both are very good points and obviously they have worked very well for him.

Isn’t it still better though to have the end in mind?  For many of us a career track is necessary to keep us on the right path and get us to where we want to be.