A couple of ‘new’ ideas for delivering e-learning content came out of a meeting yesterday. Not exactly new – but a forgotten idea from the past. They may be topical and relevant because of the increase in journey times and the portability of audio – mp3s, iPods etc.

One: A CD to use in the car that recaps the workshop or on-line learning. For instance a 5 minute audio clip that you can use to help you get in the right place mentally before a key meeting. Help – when and where you need it.

Two: A weekly dial-in.  Dial in to hear a pre-recorded short message or learning bite.

Three: MP3 reflections. Using an iPod is a very personal experience. What a great method to speak about more personal issues like development and career choices.

Delivering a high quality audio experience is key for all 3 methods. Just like video we may have had negative experiences of these methods in the past. But create a full, emotional journey in sound – and you are talking directly to the audience one on one in a very powerful way.