We all take in information through our senses….. and we also use our senses to store and recall information. Most of us over our lifetime develop a primary preference for one of our senses which means that our preference will dominate how we receive information and how we communicate. Generally speaking:

  • 35% of people are primarily visual
  • 20% of people are primarily auditory
  • 45% of people are kinaesthetic

People who have impaired hearing or sight may compensate with their other senses; particularly smell or taste.

Knowing this is useful because it could explain why we find some things easier to take in than others. I have always been able to spell quite well for example, but it took me until adulthood to realise that I has to see a word written down before I could remember how to spell or pronounce it.

VAK can also help us improve our communication by recognising that other people are processing the same information you are but using a different sense. If this is the case then we need to make sure that our communications are, as far as possible, multi-sensory.

Want to know your preference? Take the Sensory Test now. How does you compare to the circle of people you have around you? How can you make sure your communication is more multi-sensory?