You may think we have little in common with those amazing pilots that fly the Red Arrows but you might be surprised….

Mission Excellence ( is a team of former Red Arrows, fighter pilots and training experts who now specialise in the development of leadership, teamwork and execution skills. They think these are the 3 most important elements for business success:

  • understanding leadership and followership behaviours
  • empowerment
  • debriefing

They cite debriefing as the single most powerful tool in the military environment that can be used with similar success in business. Which got me thinking:

  • When did we last debrief?
  • Do we do it regularly with clients?
  • Do we do it internally after every project?
  • Should we do more?

According to Mission Excellence: Debriefing is our single most powerful tool for improving performance – a combination of performance assessment, executive coaching and 360 feedback all rolled into one. It underpins both our constant striving for performance improvement, as well as being a key factor in leadership development.

Small mistakes, if not identified and addressed correctly, will eventually combine to result in poor performance and failure. Read the full article at and get debriefing!