Bob RossWhen it comes to the 4 influencing styles one of the most natural for many is Energising.  Part of Energising is of course painting pictures – the ability to show others what a great future could look like.  It’s a little bit of storytelling combined with a little bit of lying, or at least embellishing on what might be (think Baron Münchhausen combined with a politician).

So we do it regularly in order to influence others towards success but how often do we paint pictures for ourselves?

Take a minute out from your busy schedule today to imagine what could be.  Paint a really great picture of  what you want life to be like, you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve.  We must truly know and understand the goal before we can make decisions upon which road to tread towards success.

If we can’t motivate ourselves how can we be expected to motivate others?

The picture above is Bob Ross, a man who accomplished great things by painting real pictures.  His TV show, The Joy of Painting ran for 12 years from 1983 until his untimely death in 1995 and influenced many along the way to change their lives for the better through the simple medium of painting.  For Ross every picture he painted told a story, which he proclaimed was one of the most important things when it came to painting as it would motivate the painter to complete the painting and discover how the story ends.

If Ross motivated millions by painting pictures is it really so hard just to motivate ourselves with our own picture?