brainstormWe’ve all been there, doing the round the table brainstorming session where everybody says an idea and somebody at the front writes it down on a flipchart but do we really understand what it means to brainstorm?

Brainstorming is a freestyle licence to say anything, even if it’s the most stupid, tenuously-linked idea.  That’s the key to a good brainstorming session and a flow of ideas that just keep on coming.  We shouldn’t hold back the crazy ideas through fear of people laughing at us as they often turn out to be the most creative thoughts, and more of then than not the winners!

We British, with our stiff upper lips can sometimes be the worst when it comes to brainstorming as our mentality to such things can be somewhat reserved.  However we do like to have fun and that’s what brainstorming is really all about – fun!

So next time you find yourself huddled around the boardroom table take off the shackles and unleash the brainstorming beast.  Who cares if people laugh, it just means you’re a funny person.