You know when you get the feeling when you come out of a situation that it could have gone a bit better than it actually did? That happened yesterday after a meeting with an established client about a new piece of work.

I presented to them an example using an e-learning solution; a solution which I knew very well having project managed the piece. I thought this familiarity would be all the preparation I needed and to be fair, it has done before.

What I found though was that I delivered my normal patter about it and although I got through it ok it didn’t quite hit the mark. In hindsight I should have put myself in their shoes and made a few notes about what I would want to see if I were them. I actually knew it so well I showed off far to much and probably got a bit technical.

I am sure I am not alone in this…. in every other aspect I prepared for and had a successful meeting but I have left them probably a little confused. It really does show that even if you know something really well you should never assume that strong knowledge is all you need to communicate to your audience in exactly the right way.