shooting starWell if we are trying to top our record on lack of blog activity I think we’ve probably achieved it – it’s been 9 days since our last post. Laziness is no excuse and luckily the lack of posts isn’t down to us just lazing around, basking in what’s left of the British summer. Nope it’s purely down to a busy period we’ve had recently, with us having a veritable roadshow of filming dates and projects which keeps us away from the office and our trusty keyboards.

On my tour of the country I was pleased to see one of our clients had adopted the Kaizen method into the daily running of their call centres. If you remember back in the early days of the blog I wrote a post on the effectiveness of the ancient Japanese art of Kaizen, a process by which you are encouraged to learn something new or achieve something new every day. Well it’s happening right now, live in one of the biggest media companies in the world.

Companies like this should be encouraging a positive mental attitude within their staff by getting them to try new things regularly. A recent success within this particular company has been a talent search competition where employees are encouraged to take part in a contest which sees a handful of winners getting an intensive training course in the art of being a TV presenter and then getting their own slot on a bunch of live TV shows for a period of time.

The morale boost and buzz around this project is really quite something and everybody benefits. The winners get to try something different and maybe change career, the other employees get some entertainment from the talent shows and as a result the whole building becomes more lively and productive, something which rubs off on the end user too – the customer.

Even we got to benefit by getting to use one of the successful presenters in a recent promo we shot!

Thank you Kaizen!