head-to-head.jpgThe last post of this week long feature suggests a way of avoiding potential stalemate situations.

Underlying causes of disagreement can often boil down to being about the content of the issue or the context of the issue.

Content issues are typcially about the idea itself  for example; it is of limited value; it doesn’t fully solve the issue; it’s too complex; it will be too long before benefits can be seen; it is too big a jump for our culture and so on.

Context issues can be described as obstacles to do with the implementation of the plan for example; poor timing; lack of a champion or sponsor to back the idea; it costs too much; it will need more people; it will create turf wars and so on.

Next time you are in this kind of situation you can instigate a verbal discussion or a paper vote. Once you have identified whether the key obstacles are content or context related you are much nearer to resolving the situation.

With context issues you know you have a good solution but you will need to decide how to overcome certain hurdles. With content issues you may need to revisit the original idea or go back to the drawing board.