What do you see in the picture?


Peter Drucker said “one either meets or one works. One cannot do both at the same time”. Yet meetings are a regular feature of working life that has many of us shaking their head and saying “here we go again”….. followed by our suprisingly acquiescing heads as we try to bring the meeting to a close so everyone can get on with whatever it is that is quite frankly much more important. Over the coming week I will cover some tips and techniques for getting added value from your meetings – whether you are taking part in or leading the meeting.  Here are some intial thought provokers:

1. Always make sure you personally go away with at least one take away idea or action that help you; even if you have initiated the meeting or discover it over a coffee break.

2. Create permission to allow different perspectives; as the chair you can encourage alternative views and as a delegate you can question comments and views of others rather than going through the motions. Use something like the image above as a conversation starter.

3. Generate humour/interest in regular team meetings by suggesting or randomly introducing rewards for the funniest or most sarcastic comment; the most impressive word and so on.

 4. Or you could always question whether the meeting is necessary in the first place.

 We’ll explore these and some other ideas over the rest of the week.