gravityA comment I made the other day on Wekie Tay’s blog got me thinking that I should really put up a post on gravity here. This is particularly timely too as our next module for The Platform is on gravity.

We all know and understand the traditional definition of the word gravity – it’s all about a force that pulls inwards towards itself.

This force exists in business and even personal life too. Create something interesting, right at the core and people will start to gravitate towards it. The more interesting the core becomes the bigger the gravitational radius.

The more gravity you have the bigger the potential for sales and opportunities.

Companies are now beginning to recognise the importance of gravity, particularly in the area of affiliate marketing. Sites like Clickbank (a product database for electronic delivered goods), allow affiliates to search and sort their products in order of gravity – which is in effect the number of distinct affiliates who earned a commission by referring a paying customer to the publisher’s products.


This is great for the casual affiliate who can see with a quick glance exactly what products are currently selling well. It’s also great for the product owner who needs to attract affiliates in order to market their product effectively.

more gravity = more interest = more free marketing = more sales