friend wheel

After yesterday’s post filled with reasons not to use Facebook, the current Internet social networking hotspot has now come up with a very good reason to get yourself known on it.

Yesterday afternoon a very excited Tim Clague came bounding into my darkened edit suite waving a piece of paper around. On this piece of paper was a printout of a diagram created by the Facebook application Friend Wheel. After seeing it I was so excited that I had to create my own.

The image above is my Friend Wheel, click on it for a more in-depth look. Friend Wheel creates something in seconds that we’ve been encouraging people to create themselves recently in module 2 of The Platform, which tackles the art of contracting.

The point of the Friend Wheel is to show in one neat little diagram all of your friends and how they might connect with each other. In terms of networking this can open up all kinds of possibilities that you never knew existed, by showing exactly who within your network might be talking to each other.

Create one for your friends in Facebook and then try to create another one for your business contacts.